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Bahrain: F1 Free Practice 2 - Kimi Räikkönen goes fastest as Friday in the desert comes to a close

Published by Mr. C

Five minutes into practice and the times were already looking fast. More rubber going down on the track means less dust and more speed. Alonso sets an early benchmark before Massa topples it. Renault are looking more racy here and halfway through the session Nico puts his Williams into P2.

Kimi managed to have an 'off' during this session after keeping it nice and clean during the last one. Oddly, off track excursions don't appear to be hindering many driver's times. It's possible that the 'sand' used in the run-off areas is glued and compacted so tightly that it's acting more like asphalt. That'll make this racetrack the widest of them all!

Just over an hour in, and Button's engine bursts into flames, pouring oil over the track, which the hapless Massa proceeds to spin on. It'll be and engine change for Jenson, but it's only a Friday engine so he won't have to drop 10 places. I mean, not that it makes much difference because 10 places back from last place is still last place right?

The day ends with Kimi fastest, leading Hamilton and Kubica. Massa failed on his attempt to get a last flyer in, so he ends up 4th ahead of Alonso. Wurz is best Williams in 6th, but both Renaults languish in 12th and 15th.

With the two types of tyre being identical to the ones used in Malaysia, it looks like the softer option is again the faster of the two and it'll be a soft, soft, hard strategy for most teams.

Final mention has to go to Coulthard, who tried his best to mow down 8 or 9 members of the Toyota crew in the pit lane. First he tries to decapitate fellow drivers, now he's taking on the mechanics. Someone get that man a desk job, right now!