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Bahrain 2013 - Rate the race - Cast your vote on the spectacle that was the Bahrain Grand Prix

Published by Christine

With ninety minutes of frantic action in Bahrain, we were kept busy following all the nuances of the Grand Prix and still managed to miss plenty. Was it entertaining though? Now is your chance to have your say and give the race five stars for an epic afternoon or one star for a waste of time.

Along with the race itself, we've picked out two specific elements to rate - the McLaren decision to let their drivers race each other despite the fact it could have been a disaster, and Pirelli's selection of tyres available for the whole weekend.

Finally, it's a tough ask, but select your driver of the day. We saw an incredible amount of fighting for position, drivers pushing past each other, defending their own positions, and trying desperately to make their way up the order - but who did it best?

Let us know what options you have gone for, in the comments or share your choices on Twitter, or if you prefer to keep your selections a secret, then voting anonymously is always allowed too.

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