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Bahrain 2013 - Predict the race - Pick your winning driver for the Bahrain Grand Prix

Published by Christine

It's prediction time again, the point in the weekend where you have to make a call and pick who you think is going to cross the finish line first. Bahrain has been a mixed weekend so far, and the race is looking unpredictable at best, so it's a tough one.

Felipe Massa is putting on a good show so far in 2013, and he starts this race directly behind his teammate Fernando Alonso - but the pair are on differing tyre strategies. Who will finish ahead in the teammate battle?

Pirelli have suggested a three stop strategy may be the ideal, but they have been proved wrong before. How many stops will prove to be the best and winning strategy in the desert?

As ever, share your thoughts and picks in the comments and on Twitter, or vote anonymously - the choice is yours!

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