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Bahrain 2010 - Race highlights - Red Bull versus Ferrari in the first race of the F1 season

Published by Christine

Our first Grand Prix of 2010 is complete and it was all about Ferrari as Vettel fell slowly backwards. The full results are up but relive the entire 49 laps with our Factbyte Factbox replay.

As it happened: 2010 Bahrain - The Race

  • 11:30

    Morning everyone! Half an hour to go until the Bahrain Grand Prix. I trust everyone is super excited.

  • 11:31

    Both Ferrari drivers have changed their engines today. Massa's engine was "displaying worrying characteristics." Alonso's was changed as a precaution. No penalty as first engine change is free.

  • 11:33

    From @rf1paddockpass: It's absolutely scorching out there today guys. The drivers are going to have a really tough afternoon.

  • 11:36
  • 11:37
  • 11:38

    Ferrari reporting the track temperature at 48 degrees C.

  • 11:40

    Andrew Benson on BBC Live thread: "Here in Bahrain, the top teams are all starting on the softer of the two tyres, both of which they have to use in the race. The decision around when they make their stop will depend on several factors - how long they can make the harder tyres last in their second stint, and therefore at what point is it viable to come in for a single stop; how well the soft tyre is wearing; and what their immediate rivals are doing. If someone you're racing comes in for fresh tyres, you basically have to follow him in within a lap or risk losing the battle. Expect stops from around the 15th lap, but any early safety car could trigger a mass dive for the pits."

  • 11:46

    Rob talking to 5live about how good it is to have Massa back, particularly being back at the sharp end. "Tyres are alright, but no one is in fantastic shape. On full tanks on Friday, they were fine."

  • 11:48

    From @rf1paddockpass: Robert's just headed back to grid. Very cool and collected

  • 11:49

    From @TheVanquish: Bruno Senna said #ForSure 4 times in that interview!

  • 11:53

    Track temperature - 41. Air temperature 35.

  • 11:57

    Red Bull had a problem with the right rear wheel nut on the grid.

  • 11:57

    On Vettel's car.

  • 11:58

    Both Hispania drivers starting from the pit lane.

  • 11:58

    From @clubforce: Tyre wear will be important. For those of you how missed it, we are the only team in the top 10 who took a gamble with harder tyres.

  • 11:59

    Nico and a rather loud shirt:

  • 12:00

    From @adamcooperf1: A lot of drivers stayed off the grid in protest at a Bernie ban on their physios/bag carriers accompanying them with umbrellas...

  • 12:00

    The cars are off on their formation lap.

  • 12:01

    Great comment from Alex: Lee News saying that the new teams were all hugging to celebrate making it to the first race. Virgin, HRT and Lotus all together.

  • 12:02

    From @rf1paddockpass: Butterflies...

  • 12:03

    Pit to Lewis & Jenson: "Three burnouts please."

  • 12:04

    Vettel makes a good clean start.

  • 12:05

    Smoke from Webber's car.

  • 12:05

    Alonso got ahead of Massa.

  • 12:05

    Rosberg up to 4th, Webber down to 8th.

  • 12:06

    Sutil is down in 23rd. Not sure what happened.

  • 12:07

    From @rf1paddockpass: Great start for Vitaly. Robert had contact in first corners.

  • 12:08

    Chandhok has crashed out. Front wing gone.

  • 12:10

    Hulkenberg has a big spin, now rejoins in 20th.

  • 12:10

    Lucas di Grassi pulls off the road, race over.

  • 12:10

    Replay of the start - Kubica and Sutil collided, spinning the Force India backwards.

  • 12:11

    Hulkenberg has returned to the pitlane.

  • 12:13

    Hulkenberg has rejoined the action. Top ten after five laps: VET, ALO, MAS, ROS, HAM, MSC, WEB, BUT, LIU, BAR.

  • 12:14

    Chandhok says he found a new bump that sent him on to the kerb and into the wall.

  • 12:15

    From @clubforce: Not a driver error from Adrian. He is in P18 at the moment - just overtook Glock. Tonio is in P9.

  • 12:16

    Jacques on 5live: "It's hard to get a rhythm on the new part of the track."

  • 12:17

    Sutil now passed Kovi as well.

  • 12:18

    From @MikeGascoyne: No problems with either car but jarno has lots of understeer.

  • 12:19

    At the back, Hulkenberg in 21st posted a 2:04, behind him Senna completed a 2:11.

  • 12:19

    Liuzzi reporting understeer on the radio to the team. They can't see any problems with the car itself.

  • 12:20

    Smedley telling Massa to move out of the tow of other cars on the straights for cooling.

  • 12:22

    More from @MikeGascoyne: Jarno thinks he may have damaged the front wing on first lap

  • 12:23

    Massa fastest lap - 2:02.494

  • 12:24

    di Grassi: "Good start, good first lap. Car was well behaved, had a mechanical problem, forced me to stop. Hope to get it right for the next race."

  • 12:25

    Hamilton instructed to lift to save fuel and tyres if he can't get past Rosberg.

  • 12:26

    de la Rosa passed teammate Kobayashi for 12th.

  • 12:29

    Senna pits for tyres.

  • 12:29

    Senna struggles to get away but rejoins the race, still last, of course.

  • 12:29

    Kobayashi slowed right up and has gone into the pitlane.

  • 12:30

    Kubica in for a pit stop. Kobayashi is out of the race.

  • 12:31

    Glock overtakes Kovalainen.

  • 12:31

    Hamilton on Rosberg: "He's holding me up big time."

  • 12:32

    From @rf1paddockpass: Robert's coming in for tyres, he was struggling with rear grip on the soft tyres

  • 12:32

    Petrov and Alguersuari in for their stops.

  • 12:32

    Mechanics struggling with Petrov's rear tyres.

  • 12:34

    Kubica sets the fastest lap of the race on a fresh set of tyres. Petrov is out of the car.

  • 12:35

    Hamilton told to box this lap.

  • 12:35

    From @rf1paddockpass: Suspension problem for Vitaly so game over. A great start to the race, a real shame to end early.

  • 12:37

    Clean stops for Hamilton and Schumacher.

  • 12:37

    Jenson to come in this lap.

  • 12:37

    Alonso has a clean stop. Rosberg also away but a bit slower.

  • 12:39

    Vettel pits from the lead.

  • 12:40

    Glock heads to the garage and retires. Both Virgin's out of the race.

  • 12:42

    Of the top ten, only Liuzzi and Barrichello still to stop.

  • 12:43

    Senna's engine blows up. Both Hispania cars out of the race.

  • 12:44

    McLaren warn drivers of oil at turn 9.

  • 12:44

    Barrichello pitted.

  • 12:46

    From @MikeGascoyne: Only new team still running. Lost telemetry but no problems on the car

  • 12:46

    Top ten after 21 laps: VET, ALO, MAS, HAM, ROS, MSC, BUT, WEB, BUE, LIU

  • 12:47

    From @VirginRacing: Timo's car is smelling of hot transmission fluid

  • 12:49

    Senna: "Not sure what happened. Some kind of hydraulic failure. Car started playing up on power up. No alarms, nothing to say what was going on. Race was okay, I prefer to be a bit quicker but it's experience and very valuable for us."

  • 12:49

    From @rf1paddockpass: Barrichello and Liuzzi on softs while Robert has primes. There could be some action later...

  • 12:50

    Barrichello overtakes Buemi.

  • 12:51

    Fastest sectors:

    • S1 - WEB 240 km/h
    • S2 - MAS 264 km/h
    • S3 - HAM 282 km/h
    • Trap - HAM 314 km/h
  • 12:52

    Track temperature - 36. Air temperature - 35. Humidity 6%.

  • 12:52

    Drivers who have not yet stopped - Buemi in 11th. Both Lotus, Kovi 17th and Trulli 18th.

  • 12:54

    Top three about 4 seconds apart then Hamilton a further 12 seconds down the road in fourth.

  • 12:54

    From @rf1paddockpass: Robert just got DLR into turn one. Go Bobby K!

  • 12:55

    Trulli in next lap.

  • 12:57

    Petrov: "Hit car on kerb, one piece came off from suspension, not broken, but some mechanical problem. Really nice to drive, fantastic start, good first lap, overtaking some people."

  • 12:58

    Hulkenberg has been in for a second pit stop.

  • 12:59

    From @InsideFerrari: Half of the race: still in the position to attack the first place

  • 12:59

    Inside the Lotus garage:

  • 13:02

    From Alex in the comments: TED says Vettel not as rosy. he's having to save his tyres and to start thinking about the flap adjust.

  • 13:03

    From Steven in the comments: Lewis has set the highest straight line speed so maybe the dodgy duct is working but they don't have enough downforce

  • 13:03

    Pedro de la Rosa has pitted, they are pushing him back into the garage.

  • 13:03

    From @VirginRacing: with Lucas we think a cooler split

  • 13:06

    Alonso just 1.1 seconds behind Vettel, closing up for the lead.

  • 13:08

    From Journeyer in the comments: No rookies left on the lead lap, BTW.

  • 13:12

    Rob Smedley tells Massa to watch his engine temperature.

  • 13:12

    Vettel a slow moment, Alonso ready to make his move.

  • 13:12

    Vettel reports a loss of power on the radio.

  • 13:13

    Alonso makes it look easy, into the lead.

  • 13:14

    Massa also gets past the Red Bull. A Ferrari 1-2 for now.

  • 13:15

    Lewis told he is four seconds quicker than Vettel. Currently about 10 seconds behind.

  • 13:16

    Top ten after 36 laps: ALO, MAS, VET, HAM, ROS, MSC, BUT, WEB, LIU, BAR

  • 13:17

    Alguersuari has stopped twice but is ahead of teammate Buemi - 13th and 14th.

  • 13:17

    Lapped driver - Hulkenberg, Trulli and Kovalainen.

  • 13:18

    Hamilton now 1.4 seconds behind Vettel.

  • 13:18

    Radio to Vettel: "We think an exhaust has failed."

  • 13:20

    Biggest gaps - Rosberg in 4th, 18 seconds off Hamilton. Sutil in 12th, 19 seconds off Kubica. Hulkenberg in 15th, 59 seconds off Buemi!!

  • 13:20

    Hamilton easily past Vettel for 3rd.

  • 13:21

    About ten laps to go, Vettel potentially losing two seconds a lap. Rosberg could catch him and Schumacher a possibility too.

  • 13:22

    Button just 1 second behind Schumacher.

  • 13:24

    Via the BBC live thread, Pedro de la Rosa: "The team told me on the radio that we had a hydraulic problem, I had to come in. Life is life, motor racing is like this - until then I was having fun out there. It's a shame."

  • 13:24

    Hamilton has vibrations from the front of the car.

  • 13:25

    Button closes to 0.8 behind Schumi, Webber also 0.8 behind Button.

  • 13:28

    In the Renault garage:

  • 13:28

    From @MikeGascoyne: Hydraulic problem for jarno, trying to get to flag

  • 13:30

    Lewis told the team are happy with his tyres.

  • 13:36

    Rob Smedley looking very closely at Massa's car - leaning over the pit wall, and eyeing up the television screens.

  • 13:36

    Alsono gets the fastest lap of the race so far.

  • 13:37

    Rosberg is 2 seconds behind Vettel, with three laps to go.

  • 13:39

    Kubica is 11th. From @rf1paddockpass: Looks like we'll finish in the most frustrating position of all...

  • 13:41

    Buemi is out of the race, yellow flags.

  • 13:41

    No Safety Cars in the first race of 2010.

  • 13:44

    Final points to: ALO, MAS, HAM, VET, ROS, MSC, BUT, WEB, LIU, BAR.

    Full results shortly.

  • 13:45

    From @tonyfernandes: last lap come on boys you have done britain and malaysia proud and especially colin chapman.

  • 13:45

    Vettel stops just after reaching the finish line.

  • 13:47

    Trulli has also stopped.

  • 13:55
  • 13:57

    Thanks to everyone for joining in live commenting today. The FBFB enjoyed your company and will be back soon!

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