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Bahrain 2010 - Free Practice 3 highlights - Step by step coverage of final practice ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix

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Saturday got underway in a similar fashion to Friday, relatively quiet, but things soon got going as the drivers tried out their cars in qualifying trim. You can view the full results of the session, but keep reading to relive it step by step.

As it happened: 2010 Bahrain - Free Practice 3

  • 07:30

    Good morning. I hope everyone is ready for an F1-filled day.

  • 07:34

    Lots and lots of tweeting from teams and drivers. Let's start with @ToroRossoSpy: Seb's oil leak fixed, so he's hoping for more laps this morning.

  • 07:36

    From @The_Real_JB: Yesterday went pretty well, tried different fuel loads and compared the two compounds of tyres we have here.. It's good to be back racing!!

  • 07:38

    From @H_Kovalainen: Everything ready for 3rd practice. Gonna check my weight with my race kit on before the session to make sure we are in quali trim!!

  • 07:40

    From @InsideFerrari: After a long night of work in the garave, everything is ready for P3. It will be a very important session as we will have to prepare Q.

  • 07:40

    A great picture from Lotus:

  • 07:42

    Some betting info. From @TheVanquish: Alonso & Hamilton joint 3/1 favourites for pole this morning according to, winning team Ferrari 6/4, McLaren 9/4

  • 07:43

    From @CroftyF1: Been studying pit stop practice this morning. The McLaren boys look well drilled. Their pre-season boot camp has worked wonders

  • 07:44

    Here are the Mercedes team having a go at a pit stop:

  • 07:46

    @clubforce: Only a couple of runs for Adrian this am - track conditions not ideal and the old F1 cars have dropped oil over the track as well...

  • 07:47

    The BBC online coverage should be available:

  • 07:47

    And Autosport Live have started as well:

  • 07:49

    More great stuff from @clubforce: Same programme for tonio too, track is also so long that one run seems to takes an eternity! Baseline then some tyre work too.

  • 07:56

    Track temperature - 41. Air temperature - 32. Humidity 12%.

  • 07:57

    Chandhok has his helmet on and is talking to an engineer. Good signs!

  • 07:58

    A picture from Tony Fernandes:

  • 08:00

    Green light - two Force Indias out first.

  • 08:02

    You can view more info than you'd ever need from McLaren at

  • 08:02

    Chandhok needs to take part in at least three laps to take part in the rest of the weekend.

  • 08:04

    From @InsideFerrari: Done the installation lap: all OK for both drivers.

  • 08:09

    From @VirginRacing: Timo's done his installation lap. Lucas is in the car looking purposeful.

  • 08:10

    From BBC Live - Sarah Holt: Ferrari say that neither Fernando Alonso or Felipe Massa did any qualifying simulation on Friday but both will be keen to get an idea of their true pace on the desert circuit. Michael Schumacher reckons he is still a little rusty when he comes to finding his maximum performance over one lap and was miffed to be out-performed by his Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg in both early practice sessions.

  • 08:10

    Just di Grassi and Hamilton out on track at the moment.

  • 08:12

    di Grassi reports a problem with the gearbox on his installation lap.

  • 08:12

    Hamilton says: "Car feels good. It's very hot out there."

  • 08:13

    Button says: "It would be good to see someone else do a lap first."

  • 08:15

    Vettel sets the first lap time of the day - a 1:55.178.

  • 08:15

    In the comments, Steven notes: Everyone except HRT has completed an installation lap

  • 08:16

    di Grassi on the radio: "I don't have seventh gear... and the gear shift itself is slow, takes half a second. Everything else is good."

  • 08:16

    Chandhok says there is still a problem with the hydraulics on his car, won't let him go into first gear.

  • 08:21

    Senna has left the garage.

  • 08:21

    It's busy out there right now, just five cars still in the pitlane.

  • 08:22

    A tyre rolls down the track, potentially off a Virgin car.

  • 08:22

    Timo Glock's Virgin is returning to the garage with only three tyres.

  • 08:23

    Meanwhile, Alonso goes fastest with a 1:55.105.

  • 08:23

    Bruno Senna did really well to spot the wheel and avoid it.

  • 08:24

    Massa drops the times with a 1:54.761

  • 08:24

    Glock has made it safely back to the garage.

  • 08:26

    Technical Delegate Joe Bauer in the Virgin garage, investigating the situation. He doesn't look happy.

  • 08:29

    From @rf1paddockpass: Vitaly's reporting a bit too much oversteer at the moment

  • 08:31

    Ted reports the wheel gun wasn't doing the wheel nut up tightly enough, all the wheels on di Grassi's car were also loose!

  • 08:31

    Fastest sectors:

    • S1 - MAS 249 km/h
    • S2 - BUT 275 km/h
    • S3 - BUT 286 km/h
    • Trap - HAM 312 km/h
  • 08:32

    Fastest three after half an hour - Massa, Rosberg, Alonso.

  • 08:32

    Di Grassi, Senna and Chandhok still to set a time.

  • 08:33

    From @VirginRacing: We are going over timo's car with a fine tooth comb now

  • 08:33

    McLaren have noted the track is clear and it's a good time to do another run.

  • 08:37

    From @Jamesallenonf1: Senna is 40 km/h slower at speed trap on sector 2, which is the new section. That could cause problems in Q1 for the front runners

  • 08:40

    From @MyLotusRacing: Heikki reporting on pit comms that car is "feeling better and better. Rear was a bit nervous but last in lap whole thing felt much better"

  • 08:41

    And from @rf1paddockpass: Vitaly's heading back out after a set-up change to help the balance

  • 08:41

    Track temperature - 45. Air temperature - 32. Humidity 10%.

  • 08:42
  • 08:44

    Ted reports Hamilton is out for the rest of the session, problem with the left front wheel.

  • 08:45

    From @tonyfernandes: at the pit wall, 16 mins to go for last practise . sitting next to jody our chief race engineer. learning lots . its hot out here in bahrain

  • 08:47

    From the McLaren site: "The team are looking into a possible problem with one of Lewis' brake ducts."

  • 08:49

    Ted on Lewis: "The aerodynamicist and engineers have already been taking photos of it, and those images will be sent back to Woking immediately to find a fix in time for qualifying. But Lewis is not going to get any running on low fuel and soft tyres ahead of qualifying."

  • 08:51

    From @VirginRacing: It doesn't seem to have put timo off! Very pleased to see him under 2 minutes

  • 08:52

    Alonso pops up to P1 - 1:54.099

  • 08:56

    Holly reports Karun's car still up on the jacks. He won't be out this session, and therefore not the rest of the weekend either.

  • 08:58

    Rosberg puts in two purple sectors but dropped time in the last sector to come in second.

  • 09:02

    Session over: ALO, ROS, WEB, MSC, VET, MAS, BUT, KUB, LIU, HUL.

    Full results coming soon.

  • 09:07
  • 09:10

    Thanks to everyone for joining us. The Factbyte Factbox will return at 10:30 GMT.

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