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Australia 2009 - Schedule - Times and dates for the F1 sessions and our podcast plans

Published by Christine

It has finally arrived. The feverish anticipation is at last at an end, and the off-season is officially over. We are thrust headlong into the action with back-to-back racing in Melbourne and Sepang, and it is to the former that we pay attention now.

Toyota in Melbourne

There will be a lot going on over the weekend, so here is our attempt at a schedule. Please do not hold us to any of this, as all times are Sidepodtime (GMTish). We also have to contend with the introduction of BST halfway through the weekend. Here in the UK, we slip into British Summer Time at 2am on Sunday morning, meaning you will blink and it will be 3am instead. Please be aware of that when perusing the following schedules. And if you could remind us, as well, that would be good.

TV schedule

The BBC have generously acknowledged that Free Practice 3 does exist so we will be able to watch all the sessions in some form. Both qualifying and the race have an hour's build up for us to enjoy as well. Apologies to our non-UK audience, however this is the schedule we'll be working from, including the approximate time the live commenting thread will appear.

DaySessionThread OpensStarts
FridayFree Practice 11:001:25
Free Practice 25:005:25
SaturdayFree Practice 32:302:55
SundayThe Race5:306:00

Podcast schedule

The first couple of races like to get our body clocks all mixed up, so that we wait for ages for Sunday to arrive, yet the race is over and done with before breakfast. It does make our podcasting lives a little bit easier though, with plenty of time to prepare for Digests and Panels.

F1 DigestPM
F1 DigestPM
F1 DigestAM
F1 DebriefPM

Please note: There will be no Parade Lap show. Repeat: No Parade Lap show. This means you, Dom.

It's going to be a bumper weekend, and we are all really looking forward to returning to the live comments for racing action. If you've not joined us before, then look forward to some great insight, and a lot of fun as well. Particularly, as Lou pointed out earlier, as it will be the early hours here and we are likely to make a few amusing typos.

Please join us, and we'll see you there.