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Australia 2013 - Rate the race // Cast your vote for driver of the day, and score the racing action in Melbourne

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The first race of the year kicked off with plenty of drama, squeezing qualifying and the Grand Prix itself on the same day. Once the lights went out and the racing began, we had plenty of changes for the lead, as well as some surprising faces near the front. How do you rate the action we saw at Albert Park today?

Rate the Australian GP

Rate the Australian GP

104 votes

For a worrying few moments, it looked as though Vettel was going to run away with another race from pole position. However, tyre strategy played its part, the lead changed hands time and again, and we even saw Adrian Sutil up front on his comeback. No safety cars, just a handful of retirements and a clean first corner meant the racing action could take precedence.

Getting into the more specific details of the racing action, Pirelli had a clear goal in mind when they revamped the tyres for this year, but how did it work out come race day? And Hamilton's move to Mercedes has been dominating the news all winter, and now we're finally starting to see the proof of the pudding.

Did Pirelli's new tyres have the desired effect?

94 votes

With their new compounds and revised construction, Pirelli have put heaps of effort into the tyres this year. They brought a new line-up of medium and supersofts to Albert Park, and the race unfolded with a mix of two stop and three stop strategies. Just like last year, those light on the tyres capitalised, whilst others struggled to get the most out of the rubber.

Was Hamilton's switch to Mercedes the right one?

98 votes

It's early days, no doubt, but we have a bit more information to judge Lewis Hamilton's high profile move from McLaren to Mercedes. The McLaren team admit they have a lot of work to do this year, and are starting on the back foot, whilst Mercedes showed some pace, but had a worrying early retirement with Nico Rosberg's car.

Finally, pick your driver of the day from the race winner in a certain loveable Finn, a feisty Spaniard hustling for early points, or one of the rookies making a name for himself as the season begins.

Who was your driver of the day in Australia?

  • Kimi Räikkönen

  • Fernando Alonso

  • Adrian Sutil

  • Jules Bianchi

  • Other


106 votes

Do share your thoughts in the comments, who you have voted for and why. Or remain anonymous and revel in the fun of the swingometers.

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