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Australia 2013 - Predict the race - Make your thoughts known on the opening Grand Prix

Published by Christine

It's the first race of the year, and with qualifying finally out of the way, it's time to make your predictions for the inaugural Grand Prix of 2013. Australia often throws up a surprise, but who do you think will get to the finish line first?

There are a couple of good teammate battles throughout the grid, including at Mercedes and Ferrari, but we want to focus on Lotus. Kimi Räikkönen outqualified Romain Grosjean, but what will happen as the racing unfolds?

The action at Albert Park often results in a Safety Car period, as the drivers shake out the gremlins in their cars, and push their machinery to the limits. How many times will we see that silver Mercedes with the flashing lights?

Make your predictions, and feel free to share your chosen options in the comments so you can come back and be smug when you get it right.

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