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Australia 2010 - Race highlights - The second F1 race of the year is completed at Albert Park

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Jenson Button took his first win of the year with an exceptional race in Albert Park. There were only 14 finishers altogether, plenty of incidents caused by the rain and by drivers themselves. The full results are available here, but you can relive the session step by step.

As it happened: 2010 Australia - The Race

  • 06:30

    Morning everyone. There is just half an hour to go before the Australian GP gets underway, and it's all go already.

  • 06:31

    From @VirginRacing: We've opted to start both cars from the pitlane, as we've changed the fuel collectors to optimize fuel pickup

  • 06:32

    About ten minutes ago, @MikeGascoyne said: Rain predicted in 20mins, duration for 20mins so looks like a wet start

  • 06:33

    The cars are making their way to the grid.

  • 06:34

    For viewers in the UK, the BBC stream is available: with live updates underneath.

  • 06:34

    Autosport Live are covering all the action:

  • 06:35

    And of course, good ol' Live Timing: (registration required)

  • 06:36

    The drivers are still boycotting the grid, in protest of their physios not being allowed on the grid without a pass.

  • 06:37

    KerbRider has linked to some great weather radar information:

  • 06:40

    A great photo of Rubens on the grid from Amy:

  • 06:42

    Glock has his very own mission control:

  • 06:43

    From the track, @F1Wolf: Alonso car radio - rain expected even before the race start

  • 06:45

    Alex at the track says: "Here comes the rain." Amy, also there: "Oh no, poncho time."

  • 06:47

    Autosport Live: The pits are now closed. 24 cars are down there with the two Virgin starting from the pitlane, but now we see Jarno Trulli's car being pushed off the grid.

  • 06:50

    Ted News: "It's properly chucking it down. Track still slick tyres, but any more and it will be intermediates."

  • 06:50

    Ted News: "Trulli has hydraulic issues, could be terminal."

  • 06:51

    Lucas di Grassi in the pitlane:

  • 06:56

    From @clubforce: raining a lot in Melbourne now lottery about tyres now, lots going on

  • 06:56

    Live Timing has reset.

  • 06:57

    Track temp - 23. Air temp - 26. Humidity - 36%.

  • 06:57

    Holly Samos on 5live: "The track temperature has dropped five degrees in the last twenty minutes."

  • 06:59

    Autosport Live: Polesitter Vettel is going for intermediate tyres.

  • 06:59

    McLaren tell their people to disconnect the tyre blankets.

  • 06:59

    You can follow the McLaren live information at

  • 07:00

    The track has been declared wet.

  • 07:00

    From @ManipeF1: All drivers on inters. Hence, drivers don't need to use both sets of dry compounds.

  • 07:03

    They are go.

  • 07:04

    Vettel scampered away. Webber was slow, Alonso got past.

  • 07:04

    Massa got past for second, apologies. Alonso spun round, and had to wait for all to navigate past him.

  • 07:05

    Buemi off into the gravel. Hulkenberg also off into the gravel. Safety Car out.

  • 07:05

    Schumacher has front wing damage - told to box for a new one.

  • 07:06

    Trulli did not leave the pit lane at the start. Schumacher has pitted and returns to the back of the pack.

  • 07:07

    Current line up behind the Safety Car - Vettel, Massa, Webber, Kubica, Rosberg, Hamilton, Sutil, Barrichello and Petrov.

  • 07:08

    The replays show Alonso leaving no space for Button, the two collided.

  • 07:08

    Kobayashi also off in the Buemi/Hulk incident. All three retired. Safety Car continues to lead.

  • 07:08

    From @MikeGascoyne: Thinking of dry tyres

  • 07:09

    The front wing fell off the Sauber again - causing the incident.

  • 07:10

    From @InsideFerrari: no damage on fernando's car but the race is compromised..

  • 07:11

    Trulli officially confirmed as retired now.

  • 07:11

    McLaren are happy that Jenson doesn't have any damage from the first corner contact.

  • 07:11

    Safety Car in this lap.

  • 07:14

    Kubica puts his foot down and almost made it past Webber down the home straight.

  • 07:14

    Hamilton is battling Button for 6th place as well.

  • 07:15

    Senna has stopped out on track.

  • 07:15

    Schumacher passed di Grassi, but ran wide and the Virgin Racing car was back in front.

  • 07:16

    Hamilton forces Button on to the kerb, gets past for 6th place.

  • 07:16

    Webber gets ahead of Alonso for 2nd. Massa appears to be holding up those behind him now - Kubica and Rosberg.

  • 07:17

    Button pits.

  • 07:18

    Button has put slick tyres on.

  • 07:18

    Button ran crazy wide at Turn 4 - looking like the wrong decision. Vettel radio says more rain expected.

  • 07:19

    Alonso and Schumacher are up to 13th and 14th now. Alguersuari next in their sights. Alonso fastest lap of the race so far.

  • 07:20

    Sutil ran wide, allowing several cars past him - Alonso also managed to overtake the Force India.

  • 07:20

    Loads of drivers choose to pit.

  • 07:21

    Renault call both drivers in the same lap but get Kubica out before Petrov arrives.

  • 07:22

    Button stayed out, having already pitted, and is back in front of Hamilton, preparing to overtake Kubica.

  • 07:22

    Vettel pits.

  • 07:24

    Senna: "Okay start, careful, used other people's mistakes to gain positions. Car was quite hard to drive. Didn't last very long."

  • 07:24

    Petrov stuck in the gravel.

  • 07:24

    Webber pits.

  • 07:25

    Webber returns to the track down in 5th place, struggled for grip and allowed Massa past as well.

  • 07:27

    Kobayashi: "No contact, couldn't control the car anymore, went to the inside of the wall. Don't understand what happened really."

  • 07:27

    From @clubforce: Adrian in the pits reporting an engine problem

  • 07:29

    From @VirginRacing: Timo says it's raining on the back straight but engineers say it's a light shower no need to worry

  • 07:29

    Sutil climbs from the car, the engine problem couldn't be fixed.

  • 07:30

    Kubica told on the radio: "Light rain for 5 minutes maximum."

  • 07:30

    Alonso passes Barrichello for 8th.

  • 07:32

    From @MikeGascoyne: On the option tyre and plan to run to the end

  • 07:32

    Webber and Hamilton both manage to get past Massa.

  • 07:33

    Hamilton pushing to get past Webber, the Red Bull goes really wide.

  • 07:33

    The battle also allowed Massa to regain his positions.

  • 07:34

    Petrov admits the incident was his mistake. Meanwhile, Chandhok also runs wide, but continues on.

  • 07:34

    Webber fell behind Alonso, down in 8th place.

  • 07:35

    After 17 laps - VET, BUT, KUB, ROS, MAS, HAM, ALO, WEB, BAR, DEL.

  • 07:35

    Hamilton says his front wing feels okay, after touching wheels with Webber when the Red Bull went wide.

  • 07:36

    Chandhok and di Grassi are the only drivers one lap down. Seven drivers retired.

  • 07:39

    Rosberg radio suggesting no more rain.

  • 07:40

    Autosport Live: There is some evidence of right rear graining on Massa's Ferrari as Hamilton continues to harry him.

  • 07:41

    Hamilton overtakes Massa on the home straight for 4th place.

  • 07:42

    Webber jumps Alonso.

  • 07:43

    Hamilton did touch Massa as he passed, some carbon fibre flew off.

  • 07:44

    McLaren pit crew were ready with tyres and front wing, but now appear to stand down.

  • 07:46

    Webber chasing Massa for 6th. Massa wobbling around the track a little.

  • 07:49

    Vettel off into the gravel, race over.

  • 07:49

    Hamilton was following Rosberg, went all the way round the outside to overtake, and made the place stick.

  • 07:50

    From @VirginRacing: Lucas not happy. Coming in.

  • 07:50

    Crofty on 5live: "Red Bull once again able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory."

  • 07:51

    Alguersuari and di Grassi pit.

  • 07:52

    Hamilton closing up on Kubica for 2nd.

  • 07:53

    The two Ferraris almost tangle trying to overtake a backmarker.

  • 07:53

    di Grassi never returned from the pits, retired from the race.

  • 07:54

    Schumacher pits.

  • 07:55

    30 laps complete: BUT, KUB, HAM, ROS, WEB, MAS, ALO, BAR, LIU, DEL.

  • 07:57

    Barrichello pits.

  • 07:58

    Schumacher puts in the fastest lap of the race so far.

  • 07:58

    Webber pits.

  • 07:59

    If the race ended now, Alonso and Button would be on equal points in the championship - 31 to Hamilton in third with 30. IF.

  • 08:00

    Hamilton keeps his helmet on as he walks through the paddock. Replays show radio: "Front left brake failure."

  • 08:00

    Rosberg pits.

  • 08:01

    Webber goes all the way round the outside of Rosberg and overtakes.

  • 08:03

    From the track, Amy says: "It is going to be very, very dark by 7pm."

  • 08:04

    Button doesn't appear to have been told Hamilton has pitted. He asked what was happening behind him, and was told some cars have pitted. Alonso asks why cars are pitting to his crew as well.

  • 08:07

    They haven't given up yet! @VirginRacing: Still working on Lucas' car

  • 08:09

    Di Grassi has rejoined the GP.

  • 08:10

    13 laps down!

  • 08:11

    Autosport Live: Button must surely plan to run to the finish now, otherwise he will soon fall behind team-mate Hamilton if he makes a stop.

  • 08:11

    Di Grassi has pitted again. They believe it's a gearbox issue.

  • 08:12

    From @InsideFerrari: still a very uncertain race. no more rain expected

  • 08:14

    From @tonyfernandes: doesnt look like any more rain. jarno had hydraulic issue . same issue other cosworth new teams are having .

  • 08:16

    Glock pits.

  • 08:17

    It looks as though Timo is out of the race.

  • 08:18

    From Harry in the comments: "4 more retirements and Chandhok is in the points!"

  • 08:19

    Alonso chasing Massa for third, but has a big wobble - perhaps struggling with his tyres.

  • 08:23

    Button has a 16 second lead over Kubica, who in turn is now starting to pull away from the Ferrari drivers.

  • 08:23

    Alonso told over his radio that Hamilton is closing in, he says: "I don't want to know."

  • 08:24

    Massa has another moment, allowing Alonso to close to 0.7 seconds behind.

  • 08:25

    50 laps complete: BUT, KUB, MAS, ALO, HAM, WEB, ROS, LIU, DEL, BAR.

  • 08:25

    Chandhok pits.

  • 08:26

    Chandhok exits the pits. 4 laps down, but still in it!

  • 08:27

    Massa - 0.9 to Alonso, then 0.3 to Ham, and 0.3 to Web.

  • 08:28

    Barrichello passes de la Rosa for 9th.

  • 08:28

    Hamilton reports: "My tyres have gone off."

  • 08:31

    From @VirginRacing: Timo's car was not handling right when he came in. Don't know the cause yet

  • 08:32

    Schumacher finally manages to get past Alguersuari for 11th.

  • 08:32

    The pair touches wheels as Michael made his way through.

  • 08:33

    Cheeky Hamilton radio: "Whose call was it to bring me in? A terrible idea."

  • 08:34

    Hamilton takes a good look at Alonso, doesn't make it stick. Webber closes right up, and the pair tangle - off into the gravel.

  • 08:35

    Webber pits for a new front wing.

  • 08:35

    Hamilton still going, in sixth now.

  • 08:36

    Schumacher overtakes de la Rosa for 10th place, into the points.

  • 08:37

    John Travolta waves the chequered flag for Jenson Button.

  • 08:38

    Final points positions: BUT, KUB, MAS, ALO, ROS, HAM, LIU, BAR, WEB, MSC

  • 08:38

    Full results coming soon.

  • 08:46
  • 08:49

    Thanks to one and all for joining us today. A fabulous race in Australia. Let's hope for more of the same in Malaysia next week.

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