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Australia 2010 - Qualifying highlights - Red Bull show their strength in Albert Park

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Qualifying proved that Red Bull really do have the fastest car at the moment, with a 1-2 for the team, Vettel ahead of Webber. Alonso rounded out the top three, but Hamilton was the big surprise, not managing to make it into the top ten shootout. Full results are available here, but read on for what happened step by step.

As it happened: 2010 Australia - Qualifying

  • 05:32

    Hello and welcome back to the Factbyte Factbox for qualifying. We have half an hour before the session gets underway.

  • 05:33

    Following FP3, there was a major start line crash in the GT2 event. The race was red flagged, and the track was filthy, debris everywhere.

  • 05:33

    From @VirginRacing: Track still being inspected after that massive startline shunt in the GTs. But should be ok for quali. Now we just need rain to stay away

  • 05:34

    The BBC are live now, interviewing Mike Gascoyne, and live updates available:

  • 05:37

    From @redbullf1spy: Fingers jammed in your ears - it's the traditional fly-over. Them planes is loud.

  • 05:42

    Live timing is available via

  • 05:45

    Nick Wirth confirmed their computers say no rain, but Jake Humphrey says it is windy and cloudy over Albert Park.

  • 05:48

    Ted confirms that the driver boycott of the grid is likely to continue tomorrow, as their physios still have not been granted passes.

  • 05:52

    Christian Horner: "Both drivers seem upbeat, but it's looking tight. Some rain in the area, looks like English weather. Traffic is a much bigger problem here than in Bahrain, some cars 5 or 6 seconds a lap slower."

  • 05:54

    Martin Whitmarsh: "Looks tough, some rain in the air, could have some rain. Prime tyre needs a few laps to be warmed up."

  • 05:55

    From @InsideFerrari: both drivers are inside the cockpit

  • 05:56

    Live timing has reset.

  • 05:57

    From @MikeGascoyne: Looking to do two runs in qualifying with both cars. Wait 5 mins for the early runners before the first run

  • 05:57

    Pedro de la Rosa has been reprimanded for impeding other drivers.

  • 06:00

    The session has begun - Liuzzi and Sutil line up at the end of the pitlane to get out first.

  • 06:02

    Plumes of cement dust on the main straight.

  • 06:03

    Initial lap times from the Force India boys - 1:28s.

  • 06:04

    The McLaren drivers are the only to remain in the pitlane.

  • 06:04

    Traffic really is a problem out there.

  • 06:05

    Hamilton: "It looks crazy out there."

  • 06:05

    All 24 cars are out on track now.

  • 06:06

    From @MikeGascoyne: Both cars on their way out, a shower developing south of the circuit but should miss the circuit

  • 06:06

    Liuzzi had to slow behind an HRT car, which allowed Alonso to zip past the both of them.

  • 06:08

    Alonso in P1 at the moment, as Liuzzi pits. The two McLarens are just about to get their times on the board.

  • 06:09

    Button jumps up to 13th, Hamilton 7th.

  • 06:10

    With half the session gone, the fastest three are Vettel, Alonso and Webber.

  • 06:10

    The bottom seven at the moment - Buemi, Kovalainen, Trulli, Glock, Chandhok, di Grassi and Senna.

  • 06:12

    All drivers return to the pits, bar both McLaren boys and de la Rosa (staying out of everyone's way?)

  • 06:13

    Autosport Live: Hamilton had a major moment in the final corner while catching traffic. He is now third quickest.

  • 06:14

    Barrichello complaining that Alguersuari and Hamilton were holding him up.

  • 06:14

    Jenson: "Balance is good."

  • 06:16

    None of the bottom seven drivers have managed to improve their times yet. The top five remain in the pit lane - probably satisfied with their times.

  • 06:19

    Kobayashi improved to drop Petrov into the bottom seven.

  • 06:21

    Petrov doesn't manage to improve. Rosberg jumps up to 2nd.

  • 06:21

    The fastest three at the end of Q1: Vettel, Rosberg, Hamilton.

  • 06:21

    Dropping out: Petrov, Kovalainen, Trulli, Glock, di Grassi, Senna, Chandhok

  • 06:22

    From @MikeGascoyne: Enjoy the rest of qualifying, sadly without us. Jarno reporting a broken seat which would have been a big problem

  • 06:23

    From @InsideFerrari: Both drivers qualified for Q2. Felipe managed to do a couple of clean laps in his second run. still warm up issues as expected

  • 06:24

    Mixed reports of some rain drops starting to fall.

  • 06:27

    Chandhok: "Just a tenth off the next car so it's not too bad for my first ever qualifying, but as a racing driver it's still disappointing. Didn't know how to get the tyres to work for one lap."

  • 06:27

    From @InsideFerrari: force india looks good today one more pretender to Q3

  • 06:27

    Q2 underway with Webber out first.

  • 06:28

    Kovalainen: "Tomorrow we try to finish the race, had a good weekend so far."

  • 06:30

    Webber sets the first lap time of Q2 - a 1:24.797, instantly beaten by Alonso.

  • 06:32

    Webber is on hard tyres, whilst the Ferrari's are on softs.

  • 06:32

    Hamilton and Schumacher return to the pitlane.

  • 06:33

    All drivers have now set a time - the seven slowest drivers at the moment: Sutil, Liuzzi, Kobayashi, de la Rosa, Hulkenberg, Alguersuari, Hamilton.

  • 06:35

    From @tonyfernandes: Awesome qualifying. Well done to jarno heikki and all at lotus. Very very happy. Exactly as we planned. Now on the plane. See u in melbourne

  • 06:35

    All cars back in the pits.

  • 06:35

    Hamilton emerges for another lap - he needs to improve on his previous 1:28.

  • 06:37

    Hamilton has hit traffic now, rounding Rosberg with easy.

  • 06:38

    Everyone out on track except the two BMW Sauber drivers. Hamilton improves to 7th.

  • 06:38

    The top ten with three minutes to go - Webber, Alonso, Button.

  • 06:39

    The bottom seven - x2 Toro Rosso, x2 Force India, x2 Sauber plus Hulkenberg.

  • 06:40

    Hamilton asks his engineer where he can find time, told he can improve on the middle sector and last sector.

  • 06:41

    Sutil up to 8th, dropping Hamilton back into the bottom seven. Button is up in P4.

  • 06:42

    Kobayashi slides round the final turn, keeps control, but doesn't improve on 14th.

  • 06:42

    Hamilton lifts off, gives up the lap, finishes 11th.

  • 06:42

    Top three in Q2 - Vettel, Webber, Alonso.

  • 06:43

    Dropping out: Hamilton, Buemi, Liuzzi, de la Rosa, Hulkenberg, Kobayashi and Alguersuari.

  • 06:48

    Vettel intending to do just one single fast lap.

  • 06:50

    Webber out first in Q1, hustling ahead of Alonso.

  • 06:50

    Vettel remains in the garage, but the drivers may be expecting some rain.

  • 06:51

    From the track Jeremy says: More rain sprinkles here but I don't think it will rain. The clouds just don look black enough

  • 06:52

    All drivers out on track except for Kubica and Sutil.

  • 06:52

    Alonso has got ahead of Webber on the lap and is now leading the pack.

  • 06:53

    Alonso posts the first time, but Webber jumps to P1 with a 1:24.035

  • 06:54

    Vettel drops into the 1:23s, taking provisional pole.

  • 06:54

    Kubica has left the garage, but Sutil remains in the pit lane.

  • 06:55

    Sutil leaves the garage.

  • 06:57

    Button on a hot lap, jumps ahead of Rosberg for 4th.

  • 06:58

    Barrichello is in the pitlane, and currently 8th behind Schumacher.

  • 06:59

    The skies are getting darker, Alonso remains 3rd, Webber remains 2nd.

  • 07:00

    Vettel on a lap, but only really battling with himself, and unlikely to improve on his own time.

  • 07:00

    Top Ten: Vettel, Webber, Alonso, Button, Massa, Rosberg, Schumacher, Barrichello, Kubica, Sutil

    Full results to follow.

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  • 07:06

    Thanks to everyone for joining me today. It was an early start and the Factbyte Factbox needs to take a nap now so it is refreshed for the race tomorrow. I hope you'll return for more facts!

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