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Au revoir - Franck Montagy bids farewell to Toyota and F1

Published by Mr. C

The Franckly lovely Montagny

Tucked away in the Friday press release from Toyota was the sad news that Mr. Franck Montagny will be leaving the team after fulfilling his duties this weekend.

In a statement entitled 'Leaving Presently' the team made the following statement:

This race weekend Toyota will bid farewell to Ralf Schumacher and third driver Franck Montagny so there is a determination to come away with a strong result as thanks for their services to the team.

And that was all they had to say on the matter. The rest of the press release contained the usual Friday information, but no words from the man himself. That doesn't seem to be much of a send off for a guy who's served your team well for the past 12 months.

It goes without saying that Christine is just a bit devastated by the news. She's currently listening to particularly dodgy French pop music, whilst clutching the 'signed' postcard and weeping softly into her pillow. No kidding.

Franck's own website is currently devoid of any more detail, so it's hard to say what his next move might be. BMW are being unusually casual about their test driver plans for next year, and there are rumours abound that this years mileage man, Timo Glock, may have a position pencilled in at Toyota. There may also be a vacant test position at Renault should Nelson Piquet Jnr get the drive he's expecting, a position Franck successfully filled from 2003 to 2005.

Joe le Taxi indeed.