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An Aside with Joe - It may be brutal, but it's logical // Who will get found out at Mercedes?

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An Aside with Joe - It may be brutal, but it's logical audio waveform

With a brand new Formula One season about to get underway, journalist Joe joins us from Australia to talk lineup changes, testing form and what to expect this weekend in Melbourne.

We discuss who has sufficient performance for a paid F1 drive, the benefits of escaping to nicer weather, who's leapt ahead a second a lap, and why nobody's got the faintest idea what's going on.

Joe also covers the best thing that Timo could do, the importance of winning championships with more than one team, seeing the shadow of Jenson in your mirrors and facing up to the fundamental problem. There's also time to look ahead to 2014 and the impact of engine power, at designing the noise you desire, the rumoured return of Honda and BMW, plus where on earth is Gilles Simon?

All this and much more in the first Aside with Joe of 2013.