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An Aside with Joe - I think he's nine parts bonkers! // Looking ahead to the championship showdown

Published by Mr. C

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Riding the coattails of a hectic 2012 season, F1 journalist Joe takes time out ahead of the final races to catch up on what's new in the world of motorsport.

From the adorable man with a large pile of money, to the fundamental flaw of Schumacher's comeback, Joe finds time to fill us in on the who, what, where and when of Formula One.

We discuss Caterham's $7 million problem, the man who's driving like a little old lady, why Kimi is back in his rightful place and the ever present need to bash Ferrari over the head.

Other subjects under the microscope include the costs of mobile journalism and why feeding coffee to a laptop is a very bad idea, the culture of success at Enstone, banned substances in Korea and making a mess of things under pressure.

With five races run since our last conversation, there is plenty to catch up on in this brand new episode of An Aside with Joe.