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As inspired by Austin Powers - Hamilton and Button team up to go behind the cameras for Vodafone

Published by Christine

Show me to the models, baby! Yeah!
Show me to the models, baby! Yeah!Credit: Vodafone

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button have been busy out of the car, teaming up for a Vodafone ad. They've been known to be put in unusual situations, setting up their tent for Glastonbury, or building their own McLaren car, but this is something beyond that.

The pair turn up to a studio, helmet and overalls in hand, but are told they are not going to be the models. Instead, they are left with a camera, two pretty models, a rack of dresses and some rather bizarre props. The results, as you can imagine, are pretty amusing.

The best quote of the entire day comes from Lewis Hamilton.

I’ve done several photo shoots so I kind of see how photographers behave and act. And obviously I’ve seen Austin Powers so that’s where I really took my inspiration from!

- Lewis Hamilton

Meanwhile, you can see the finished products below. Despite his Mike Myers training, Hamilton has a bit of an issue with framing in this first one.

International man of mystery
International man of mysteryCredit: Vodafone

The end result was better, and definitely fits the eccentric brief.

My little pony
My little ponyCredit: Vodafone

There's also a behind the scenes video giving a bit more insight into the day from both drivers, and from the stylist who guided them through their mission.

If the racing thing doesn't work out for these boys, I reckon they could set up a pretty handy wedding photography outfit.