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As heard on Radio 5 live - A brief appearance on a show celebrating the world of podcasting

Published by Mr. C

Amongst all the chaos of the back-to-back races we've just enjoyed, Christine somehow managed to fit in an interview about Sidepodcast for BBC's Radio Five Live. The show, called For the Love of Pod was broadcast in the UK yesterday (Easter bank holiday Monday) and discussed the world of podcasts and podcasting.

Presented by Radio 1's Colin Murray, and featuring the likes of podcasting stalwarts Ask a Ninja and Adam Curry, the hour long show took a look at how podcasting is changing the way we consume media and how it might shape broadcasting in the future.

Christine managed to take up almost two minutes of prime BBC air time, which is a pretty impressive feat considering who else was on the bill.

Here are some of the the best bits of her interview:

Hopefully we won't get into too much trouble for playing that. To redeem ourselves slightly, might we suggest that the full show can be downloaded as part of the Pod's and Blogs podcast, and we encourage you to listen to the whole thing.

We have to say a massive thank you to FiveLive (really I don't know the correct way of writing that name, can you tell?), although possibly not so much for playing a clip of the very first show we ever recorded - which was honestly quite embarrassing.

If you have chance to listen, feel free to leave us comments and thoughts about the show.