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As featured on Podfinder UK - Sidepodcast gets a mention on the video highlights show

Published by Mr. C

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Fantastic news! Sidepodcast is a featured podcast on the latest episode of Podfinder UK.

For the uninitiated, each week Josephine Laurence hosts a video show that reviews six of the best podcasts and videoblogs on the web, and just over 2 minutes into episode 17, Josephine had this to say about us:

It's jam packed full of information about Formula 1, news, gossip, what's going on, forthcoming events. If it's about Formula 1, it's in the show.

We're chuffed that the people at Podshow have been kind enough to feature us this week as we've been fans of Ms. Laurence for a while now. If you're looking for new podcasts and don't have time to go searching, a quick scan through her previous episodes should set you on a good path.