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Are you ready for 2012? // Expectations, plans, and thanks as we prepare for another F1 season

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Formula 1 offered up a sensational season in 2011, with a veritable platter of rule changes that worked better in practice than anyone could have hoped. Fresh sets of rubber, movable wings that visibly made a difference and the return of kinetic energy systems, all colluded to offer up an unprecedented quantity of on track action.

We'll take all that and much more in 2012 please.

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With Adrian Newey set to receive an OBE for his distinguished endeavours in motorsport, it would be nice if this honour could distract the man long enough for the free spending Ferrari and a rejuvenated McLaren to catch up with this year's dominant chassis.

Quality street

Here at Sidepodcast we successfully annoyed legions of commenters who had made the daily post their home, then went one better by ditching the F1 Debrief series of podcasts that had been a staple of the site since the very beginning. 2012 therefore feels very much like hitting the reset button, and we're out to prove ourselves once more.

In all but name the site will be markedly different from whatever went before it, and whether anyone is still listening or reading this time next year is open to debate. Christine and I are confident though, that freed from the deadlines imposed by the increasingly more hectic F1 calendar, more time can be spent ensuring quality precedes quantity.

Miniature heroes

We haven't found much time for nostalgia this winter, the focus firmly on 2012, but that means we also have failed to thank the many people who helped make 2011 the brilliant year that it was. A massive thank you must go to the peerless Joe Saward, the voice of reason in a chaotic F1 world, and to Naoise Holohan who offered some first-class insight before we ran out of both time and money. Huge thanks go out to everyone who contributed voicemails this year, especially to Steven and Davin for their rookie reports and to Alex for Giggle's Radio. Additionally, there have been so many fantastic guest posts submitted this season, with authors now totalling 67, we can't thank the writers enough for the hours and hours put in.

My final thank you goes out to Christine, without whom none of this would be possible. I've seen a lot of criticism this year suggesting that without 'Feature X', there was no point to Sidepodcast anymore. To assume that the site revolves around any particular show, or piece of technology is to fundamentally misunderstand what makes this place tick and to significantly undervalue the insane amount of work that goes on uncredited behind the scenes. 2012 will be awesome because Christine is still here and working harder than ever.

Yesterday marked the 5th birthday since the inception of Sidepodcast, we'd love it if you joined us for the coming F1 season and yet another anniversary in 12 months time. Have a Happy New Year and a brilliant 2012 everyone.