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April 2013 recap - Along for the ride - A selection of podcasts, a new collection and some hidden gems

Published by Christine

The stop-start nature of the first half of the season is drawing to a close, as Formula One prepares to return to Europe and get back to a (mostly) fortnightly schedule. We've certainly made the most of it, with podcasts, guest posts and live events galore. We're also expanding with the Scrapbook and Collections starting to roll into action. Here are the best bits from April.

Formula One in April

This month saw a couple of divisive races with action galore, but not necessarily the entertainment all F1 fans have been hoping for. We particularly enjoyed them, but if you are struggling to remember anything from the last two races, you can find everything you want to know right here on Sidepodcast.

Sidepodcast in April

After the hectic month of new releases last time, April has been a relatively understated thirty days. We did launch the brand new Collections, though, our attempt at collating useful links and information together to provide an at-a-glance curated list around any given subject. We introduced the topic with this post, and created a couple of collections throughout the month. The latest was a round-up of news following the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Shows in April

A little sprinkling of everything, with our irregularly scheduled Friday night chatter, a catch up with the insight provided by Joe Saward, and an unusual table-turn in which Jordan asks us the questions.

Features in April

Our post-race columns kept apace with the championship developments this month, with Adam's driver of the day highlighting Daniel Ricciardo and Paul di Resta. Meanwhile, Stuart kept the laughs coming with a couple of really good cartoons, from China and Bahrain.

Will's Tech Spec took a closer look at wings and wheel nuts, whilst Ryan pondered future drivers and what they get out of development programmes. A lot of great things to read this month, do take a look if you've missed anything along the way.

Posts in April

As ever, there's a wealth of posts both home-grown and guest-submitted this month, including a look at a driver schedule during a PR event, a different way of looking at the anniversary of Senna's death, plus what HRT are doing these days.

Hidden gems in April

Finally, if you've been through all the above and still want more, there are a few items that may have slipped under the radar. Early on in the month, we completed a High Five Friday evening - five questions posed over the course of an hour and a half, with a great chance to chat about F1 subjects. Worth taking a look back at now we've seen the next two races as well.

Lukeh has been doing storming work hosting events for each of the IndyCar races so far, hopefully there's more where that came from.

We also took a sneak peek behind the scenes of 5live's commentary setup which pleased the geek in Mr C, and passed judgement on the first proper trailer for the upcoming Ron Howard film - Rush. Lots to look forward to as the year progresses!

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