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Apparently his luck translates to two wheels too - Mark Webber breaks his leg after Tasmanian Challenge bike crash

Published by Christine

Mark Webber

Whilst we were sleeping, Mark Webber was hard at work participating in his annual Tasmanian Challenge, but unfortunately today that came to an abrupt end. Mark was hit by a car whilst cycling through one of the stages suffering injuries that required him to be airlifted to hospital.

Thankfully, after undergoing surgery on a broken right leg, he appears to be okay. Other than that, sources say he is in good spirits, and Red Bull have issued a statement saying they expect him to be fully fit in time for Melbourne.

Of course we wish Webber a speedy recovery, but it would be remiss of us not to wonder what this means for his team and the upcoming season. He'll have to sit out a vast majority of off-season testing which could be especially costly given the significant regulation changes and the switch to slicks.

Vettel will no doubt be doing a lot of the hard graft for the team in terms of on-track action, but last year those Red Bull guys covered a lot of mileage during the winter, and it won't help Webber to miss out on it.

Nevertheless, as long as he is safe and well, that's all that really matters. Lady Laney raises an interesting question about whether Mark will be allowed to compete in the same challenge next year over on The Red Bullog. Mark is no stranger to the dangers of cycling, however, after his friend Morris Denton was caught up in an uncannily similar accident Monaco this summer.

We've seen Webber on two wheels face to face when he participated in the Milk Race at Goodwood in 2007. That day he finished behind Chris Hoy, who next month will cycle his way around Wembley stadium at the Race of Champions, an event Mark will now sadly have to sit out.