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Anything but speeding - Toro Rosso confirm Scott Speed for the 2007 season

Published by Christine

Finally Toro Rosso have announced they are retaining Scott Speed's services for 2007. As if we didn't know that already.

For whatever reason, they have been stringing us along for the majority of the year, meaning that my previous entry list, and the Sidepodcast episode about the drivers was a little bit lacking. And now, annoyingly, they've announced what we suspected all along.

They didn't even do it in a normal way, thinking it best to drop the word "speed" into their statement about testing over and over again. In case that didn't drop the hint, they then confirmed that he'd be their next driver. I hesitated to write "second driver" then, but really, if it took my boss to confirm my position months after someone else, I'd be feeling pretty secondary.