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Another forum - Engaging in more Formula One conversations

Published by Mr. C

Have we mentioned the Sidepodcast forum recently? I thought not.

Well, before you scuttle off there having just remembered you've not stopped by in ages and you might have missed something important, let me talk about another F1 forum.

As we mentioned during Episode 10, Sidepodcast has recently hooked up with Their name alone tells you they're serious about Formula 1 forums, but apart from being a great place to catch up with like minded F1 fans (some of whom have never heard of us, spread the word good people), your inimitable female host is also signed up as a writer too (where does she find the time?).

Anyhow, we know you're all desperate for something to do until the first race of the season kicks off. So please stop by and say "Hi" from us. Ta,