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And I would listen to 300 more - F1Minute celebrates a year of summarising the news

Published by Mr. C

Quite honestly, you couldn't have scripted it better.

I'm not sure how it happened, maybe the stars are all aligned or something, but Tuesday 7th October, marks the one year anniversary of F1Minute, which by some freaky coincidence also happens to tie in with the 300th episode of the show.

F1Minute celebration

That's 300 minutes or 18,000 seconds of Formula One news delivered to your ears in the past 12 months, all from the lungs of one girl. if you listened to every show back-to-back, and they are archived should you fancy the challenge, you'd have exactly 5 hours of entertainment at your disposal.

I have to take my hat off to Christine, because when she first suggested the idea I figured it would last about a week before the colossal amount of work would bury her.

She hasn't stopped though, nor shown any hint of slowing down. Even when she was unwell post Silverstone the minutes kept on coming. On two occasions there was a requirement for multiple shows in a single day, and despite a minor slip up on my part not so long ago, I've listened to every single one of them.

This evening we'll drink a glass or two of champaaagne and say thank you to the F1 circus for providing a seemingly never-ending stream of fascinating stories, as well as one to everybody who's subscribed, listened or left comments in the past 365 days.

Thank you one and all!