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And I thought daylight savings was bad // How our Chinese Grand Prix weekend schedule stands

Published by Mr. C

Flag of China

Joy of joys, another weekend of mixed up sleep. It doesn't matter, of course, because we're down to the last two races of the season, and the championship is still a fight to the finish.

The schedule for Shanghai, and therefore Live Commenting is as follows (all time in BST):

DaySessionThread opensStarts
FridayFree Practice 102:3003:00
Free Practice 206:3007:00
SaturdayFree Practice 303:3004:00
SundayThe race07:0008:00

Live Commenting will be available, and I'm looking forward to seeing you there, assuming I can keep my eyes open for long enough. Don't forget, though, if you're much too sensible to stay up all crazy hours of the night, then F1 Minute will have a quick sum up of the day's events, and F1 Digest will take a closer look.