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An unforgettable guide to the Circuit of the Americas - You've never seen a track guide like this before!

Published by Christine

In previous years, Sidepodcast has played host to many different types of track guides - some we have presented ourselves, some have had Mark Webber in the simulator, but we've never had anything quite like this. With the Circuit of the Americas a brand new venue on the 2012 calendar, there can never be too many track guides as we try and learn the twists and turns of the layout.

Leave it to your expert host Lukeh, then, to show you exactly how the track unfolds with some stunning visuals, some excellent insight, and a note on just how many corners are involved.

If that's not enough for you, then we shall hand over to Giggles to add some extra information about the race coming up this weekend.

Two fantastic videos and why stop there? If you've got a spare minute before the weekend, why not try your hand at your own track guide, and we can add to this excellent and exceedingly helpful collection.