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An open letter to Pitpass - After an unnecessary attack on a much-loved F1 stalwart

Published by Mr. C

An open letter to the editor of Chris Balfe, in response to an article written by Mike Lawrence and published on the 4th March 2009.

Dear Chris,

I notice on your website contact form that you state: "If we're getting it wrong, tell us. If we're getting it right, tell your friends." Well that's a convenient way of containing negative press, isn't it? Personally I take the opposing view and prefer compliments in private and criticism to be public.

Pitpass was one of the first F1 websites I visited on the web, and was certainly the one that hooked me enough to keep me coming back for more. That was a long time ago though, and of late I've found the archaic nature of your site implementation to be detrimental to my reading experience.

Occasionally though, in the comments on our site, someone will highlight a story you're running and I'm happy to read. By and large, although I'm not a frequent visitor, the overriding impression I get from those who are is that Pitpass is a decent and respectable website. More recently, when we were looking for trustworthy sources of Formula One information online, it was a comment that highlighted your website was as a place to trust.

Today, I awoke to hear nothing but a stream of negative comments about an article written by Mike Lawrence that you published yesterday.

Having read the article I have to say I'm in agreement. It is a bitter and unnecessary attack on Jackie Stewart, and the Scottish. The last paragraph is simply disgusting . While it's clear Mike has "issues" he needs to work on, how someone with your experience saw fit to publish this is anyone's guess?

Maverick kindly posted an email response he received from you. It would seem that not only are you happy to publish such a poor excuse for journalism, you're willing to defend Mike's point of view as well.

Whilst you'll likely dismiss all of this as a storm in a teacup, unworthy of consideration, Google Trends suggests to us that your viewing figures have been falling these past 12 months. Personally I've no intention of visiting your small corner of the web again, and the impression I get is that many others feel the same.

I hope you see fit to remove Mike's article. I also hope you see fit to offer both Sir Jackie and Maverick an apology.