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An infinitesimally diminutive podcast delay - Broken tools make sticking to a schedule difficult

Published by Mr. C

Just a very quick heads up to say that the usual Sunday show will be slightly delayed this week, making it more of a Monday show.

Christine had a small incident with her laptop's power adapter earlier today, which means the podcasting workhorse (the laptop that is, not Christine) is now no longer capable of doing the job it was designed to do. With no available juice, the poor machine is little more than a doorstop at present.

Usually this wouldn't be an issue, and we'd simply use another one, except the section we recorded after Saturday's qualifying is stuck inside the box, and won't come out.

Plan number two in these situations would be to pick up a replacement adapter and carry on. Sadly this doesn't account for the fact that the UK is currently celebrating some sort of inexplicable holiday ritual involving chocolate fashioned in the shape of an egg (sounds appealing right?), and thus the local power distribution emporium have opted to remain closed today.

In short, we've exhausted every possible option available to us, so we're just going to have to sit on ours hands until the sun comes up. The net effect of that means the podcast will appear roughly 12 hours later than planned.