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An Aside with Joe - War on all fronts // It adds so much to the enjoyment when you see what's going on

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Just a few days after returning from the Monaco Grand Prix, Joe finds a break in his schedule to sit down and reflect on F1's primary stories. From endless controversies surrounding those tyres to the very last thing anyone expected of Nico Rosberg.

In this show we also cover F1's turf war, the fundamental flaw with Formula 1 television coverage, a harder edged Pirelli, Nigeria's taste for champagne and why the the people who can be bothered, cannot agree.

There's conversation on the art of drawing attention to motor sport, of a traffic jam farther down the grid, talk of fixing the passing problem with palaces on the waterfront and the difficulty of convincing someone to lend you a cool five billion. Plus there's mention of a movie you cannot discuss and who was neat and tidy around the streets of Monte Carlo?

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