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An Aside with Joe - They've lost their marbles! // Why F1 is out of sync with the modern world

Published by Mr. C

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Ahead of a dramatic championship showdown this weekend, a fired up Joe drops in to discuss the current state of F1 and who might be the right man to take the title.

In this jam packed show the topics fly by, including the inside line on the boycott that never was, why the constructor is key and the total cost of engines today. Following a week of terrible publicity Joe interprets Bernie Ecclestone's outspoken comments, raises questions about crowdfunding a team, and asks how much longer F1 can continue to glide along on its current trajectory.

We also discuss the challenge of finding a happy balance between sport and business, gaining strength from adversity, making the experience better for everybody and why would anyone want to finish 5th anyway?

Finally there is talk about the social benefits for Formula 1, 1980's secrecy and an arms race mentality. Do not miss this timely new episode of An Aside with Joe.