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An Aside with Joe - Slightly left of lunatic // Sheer talent and ten million Euros

Published by Mr. C

An Aside with Joe - Slightly left of lunatic audio waveform

F1 journalist Joe takes advantage of a break between races to stop by and discuss the stories currently dominating the sport.

Topics under investigation include aero tweaks that make the difference, why Formula 1 is a badly run business, the hidden genius of James Allison and the all new team Infiniti Red Bull Vettel.

We also cover the overemphasis on aerodynamics and the future of F1 penalties, a team's responsibility to its sponsors and who has moved more forward? There is also discussion of an awfully fast way to travel, why you can't win either way with team orders, a proposal for a battle of efficiency plus an alternate egg and spoon race.

As ever, you won't want to be missing this episode of An Aside with Joe.