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An Aside with Joe - It's just part of the scenery - Should we ban clichés too?

Published by Mr. C

An Aside with Joe - It's just part of the scenery audio waveform

A new F1 season, with new drivers in new cars, painted with new colours and overseen by new owners, adds up to a whole lot of questions. Luckily we can put all of those to Joe, who's all too briefly back home between race weekends in Australia and China.

On today's menu we talk about the tantalising new atmosphere in the paddock, McLaren's tricky engine decision and an aerodynamicist penguin with a talent (no, really). We also cover the honeymoon period for the new folks, F1's engine formula formality and Wehrlein's very mature choices.

Hold on tightly as we dive into the possibilities of a Honda/Sauber partnership, discuss who has the best car this season and why it is all too easy to say everybody is doing it wrong. Talk turns to unimpressive rubber, who has the ideal driver lineup, the politics of quitting again, plus what to look out for in China.

On top of all that, two men discuss a woman's bottom for 30 minutes and that goes about as well as can be expected. Enjoy this latest Aside with Joe, or at the very least, try to make it to the end without breaking something. Fair warning.