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An Aside with Joe - Lotus-Renault (Enstone) // Joe attempts to explain the Lotus complications, plus thoughts on the Senna movie

Published by Mr. C

An Aside with Joe - Lotus-Renault (Enstone) audio waveform

Coming to you indirectly from Dubai, Joe takes the time to talk lounging with Lewis, shaking the Lotus tree, accreditation by publication and Christmas in the summertime.

Further discussion covers the musical chairs at Williams, expensive glorified hotels, finding a supply of old people and fighting your own team. Also on the agenda is Formula 1 budgets for next year, Joe's thoughts on the Senna movie, why F1 should be paying attention to the world, plus which car is better the Lotus '72 or the '79.

As ever, all this and much more in a jam-packed episode of An Aside with Joe.