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An Aside with Joe - Just shut up and work harder // The man with the red team left with a rather red face

Published by Mr. C

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Following an intense schedule of back-to-back races, Joe stops by to recount tales of F1 action since Malaysia. We cover all the key stories of the moment, from a milestone worth celebrating, to the big talent in the midfield and the non-announcement of two new Formula 1 teams.

We talk about celebrating F1 for what it is, whilst Joe explains Mercedes' advantage and the logic of penalty points. There is much discussion about the FIA's failure to make a fuss about greenery, of dancing the night away in Bahrain and F1's not so subtle ground-to-air missile.

Don't miss the conversation about exploiting virtual audiences, the pile of people jumping on Bernie and the benefits of stuffing driver's pockets full of gold. Additionally, Joe considers taping Maldonado inside a cardboard box, before assigning the listener some homework.

All that and much more in this episode of An Aside with Joe.