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An Aside with Joe - It would be like a Henry Ford moment // We need to keep things in perspective

Published by Mr. C

An Aside with Joe - It would be like a Henry Ford moment audio waveform

Bridging the gap between a missing GP and the summer break, Joe stops by to catch us up on the latest goings on in the F1 paddock. Top topics include the strategy group without a strategy, Renault's competing engine programs, treating the sport like a cash machine and the best option for Williams.

We discuss some out of control decision making, a theory on the downfall of the German Grand Prix, a spectacular performance at Le Mans, plus how Apple Inc can save Formula E.

Talk turns to the search for a new generation, why sport belongs to all of us, a time before Bernie, Honda's speciality and the possibility of a team called Aston Martin Red Bull Mercedes.

Before our time is up we cover unsalvageable computers and missed deadlines, taking photographs without one's camera, a quiet judgement against Niki Lauda and the slight chance of an interesting result in Hungary.

Enjoy this sensational summer Aside with Joe show.