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An Aside with Joe - It creates a niche for lunatics // The most powerful force in F1

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An Aside with Joe - It creates a niche for lunatics audio waveform

Briefly back home after enjoying the opening four races, Joe checks in to evaluate the state of Formula One in 2015. Conversation spans subjects as diverse as the manipulation of TV coverage, the appalling efforts of Renault marketing and why Manor's best is more than good enough.

We also talk about this year's impressive set of rookies, the mountain Rosberg has to climb and where Ferrari found all their performance.

With a positive perspective, we discuss the future of the many Red Bull drivers, why good design can't overcome pure horsepower and Boullier's McLaren incubator.

Joe expands on the fun to be had in making the best possible product, compares some FIA presidents and looks for a clearer picture of car performance.

Additionally there is just time to squeeze in calendar discussion and the reasons behind a late starting 2016 season, how drivers get away with as little engagement as possible and the kind of people who ought to be running the sport. All this and so much more in the first show of 2015.

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