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An Aside with Joe - He's an unusual human being // For this episode, Joe talks travelling, redesigns and cutting costs

Published by Mr. C

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Dropping in for a chat, following the British GP and fresh from a successful 'Audience With..' at Stowe School, Joe tackles Formula 1's big issues.

Cost-cutting claptrap, incentives to invest and rocking the regulations are but a few of the topics covered in this episode of An Aside with Joe.

There's even more discussion in the form of fireworks with Merlin, scrubbing the asphalt, a man with a reputation and travelling in the Paddock Club stagecoach... bus. Not to mention talk of teaming rain, creating grip, the silent 'i' in Ricciardo and the puffing and sucking at Silverstone.

Don't miss behind the scenes info on the redesigned GP+ magazine and an exclusive on an upcoming performance panel. All this and so much more in this Aside with Joe podcast.