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An Aside with Joe - He's a rocket man (Part 1) // Part 1 of an extended edition with Joe features all the action from Korea

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Joe made it safely to Korea and back again, and kindly takes the time to catch up on all the Formula 1 events of the past few weeks. In part one of this specially extended Aside with Joe, we discuss a furious Bernie, pictures in English and why the numbers don't lie.

Also up for discussion are ship-shaped loos, the serious determination of Korean fans, gridwalking on television and erudite things said around the neighbourhood. Find out who's a darn good sportsman, what it's like to be a passenger with an F1 driver and just who is Charlie Bonkers?

There's plenty more in this episode and much more to come in part 2 of An Aside with Joe. Don't miss a minute of it.

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