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An Aside with Joe - It's espionage by another name // Nothing stands still in Formula 1

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With but one race left to tick off the 2015 F1 calendar, Joe calls in to tackle the pressing subjects and storylines of the moment. Both championships might well be signed and sealed at this point, but there is still much to discuss about this year and next.

We talk why when it comes to racing Lewis is better, Red Bull's little pickle and the true cost of them leaving, plus how McLaren might fix their performance deficit. Conversation turns to the advantage gained from sharing Ferrari's gear, selling the leap in thermal efficiency and re-evaluating the worth of the US Grand Prix.

Listen out for ideas on a bigger, broader F1 vision, on proving rule stability, on who will be at the back next year, and the risk of becoming the poster boys of a previous era. We cover effortless overtaking, archaic arguments and incompetent communication, a school for team principals and the absurdity of selling IndyCar with a snail.

This and much more in another fine episode of An Aside with Joe.