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An Aside with Joe - A horse-choking wedge of wonga // The dominoes will fall nonetheless

Published by Mr. C

An Aside with Joe - A horse-choking wedge of wonga audio waveform

Following a dramatic season opening race, Joe springs an impromptu show on us to talk about events that shaped the Australian Grand Prix.

We discuss picking patterns and the problem of reactive media, who wasn't as good as their pre-season puff, plus the pretty talented bunch at the back.

Joe discusses his state of discombobulation in Australia, reasonable and rude feedback, an interview with Mike Coughlan, several generations of small Fry and the benefits of renting Justin Bieber.

We also find time to cover the big setback at Sauber, who won't be busking down at Charing Cross, building tyres for better racing, F1's many shades of grey and finding Colonel Mustard at McLaren.

All this and ever so much more in An Aside with Joe. Miss it and you'll miss out.