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An Aside with Joe - 1,203 World Championships later // Joe returns from Turkey to discuss the latest happenings in F1

Published by Mr. C

An Aside with Joe - 1,203 World Championships later audio waveform

Joe makes it back from a frenetic Grand Prix in Turkey to pass comment and judgement on all matters related to Formula 1 and much more. In this show, Joe compares rocket ships, explains why overtaking still isn't easy and pits some young soldiers against an old man.

Also up for discussion, looking for a long term answer at Williams, doing deals for stories and detracting from a racing team. F1 clusters come under the microscope as Joe plots the best time and place to start an F1 engine company, there's talk of a repeat audience viewing in Montreal, before the man signs off with a whole new podcasting benchmark.

Needless to say, there's so much more to discover in this brand new Aside with Joe podcast.