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Always look at the bigger picture - Celebrating the best in F1 photography

Published by Mr. C

If you'll excuse a bit of shameless self promotion, I just wanted to quickly plug a new feature we're trialling on F1Minute this week.

Nico Rosberg

Christine and I are huge, huge fans of The Big Picture from The site is promoted in the comments frequently, and it originally came to our attention after Alex pointed out their coverage of The Singapore Grand Prix.

If we have one complaint though, it is that Formula One doesn't get nearly enough of a look in, and even with the slightly oddball 2009 chassis designs and liveries, there's still some gorgeous F1 images to be found. We're therefore proposing to address this problem with our very own F1 related homage to The Big Picture over on

We can't claim this is the most original idea we've ever come up with, but the plan is to add a new photograph each and every weekday, around the same time as the audio podcast goes up. Ideally the content will be editorially relevant, but on a quiet news day that may not be possible. Much like the minute we're hoping this can become a historical resource we can draw upon in the future.

From a technical standpoint, we may struggle with the amount of bandwidth these images have the potential to consume, and we may be biting off more work than we can chew in terms of additional workload, but until we try, we'll never know.

Yesterday's comments offered some positive feedback, but if you have any thoughts, for or against the idea, please do let us know.