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Alternatives to F1 in 2012 - How can we get around Sky's expensive broadcast package

Published by Stuart Taylor

Hey guys, did you hear that Sky have stolen our beloved F1? So now, if you don't have Sky Sports, you have to pay £20 (£30 HD) a month to keep up with the sport we know and love. I say, boo to that! I can't afford that kind of cash and neither can a bunch of you guys, I'd wager.

But the Sidepodcast community is so awesome, we can't just let disband, so here are some other ideas:

Start our own racing league

Did you know that you can go karting in a league for as little as £20 per race? I just plucked one off Google and Midland Karting have an 8 race championship that runs throughout the year (March - October, once a month) that costs twenty quid a pop. Who needs to watch racing - we can be racing.

  • Pros: It's more exciting than just watching; It takes up fewer weekends
  • Cons: It's as expensive as Sky, per month; tricky to find a location fit for everyone

Broadcast F1 ourselves

Let's pool our money and sent 6 - 8 people out to the races with camcorders and 3G... stuff so we can watch the races live from our laptops. Get 5 Live on the radio and it's like BBC never went away!

  • Pros: Free F1 Races all year long!
  • Cons: Bernie might kill us; Not in HD

Find another sport/event

What else is live and free-to-air these days? Snooker? Snooker could be cool. I guess. I hear Channel 5 show American Football and Baseball at, like, 3am. We could do that right?

  • Pros: We're in it together
  • Cons: Other free sports suck

We buy a massive house and all move in together

Okay, so how about we all move into a mansion or flat complex and share the costs of a Sky subscription? Yes? That could be fun, right? Steven Roy could bring the popcorn, I'll bring the Diet Coke, Lou would have to quit her degree but whatever, we'll be together

  • Pros: Cost savings, community spirit, lots of popcorn
  • Cons: Everyone has to move, we'll all eventually grow to hate each other's annoying character traits and it will all end in bloody violence, Mr C will have to wear a mask at all times

One person upgrades to Sky and points his webcam at the screen

This is probably cheaper than sending people out to the races. I'm almost 100% sure it's entirely legal.

  • Pros: F1 for all, cheap by pooling the costs
  • Cons: Not in HD, someone has to hold a webcam very steady for 3 hours.

Become F1 drivers/engineers

Okay, this one might take more time than the others, but bear with me, here. Who has the best seats in the house? The F1 guys, right? They're right in the paddock! So all we have to do is become educated in a very F1 specific field, or become a racing driver. Then, we specialise, work our way up the ranks until we're in a racing or broadcasting team and spend every race weekend in the paddock! Problem solved.

  • Pros: Free trackside action, will look good on CV
  • Cons: Might take a bit of time, might accidentally end up in DTM

Well, looks like I've solved all of our problems. No need to thank me or anything.