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Alonso affects McLaren design - Pedro de la Rosa discusses changes to the McLaren car

Published by Christine

In a show of complete and utter devotion to their new signing for 2007, Pedro de la Rosa has let slip that McLaren are designing their new car around Alonso's driving style.

The 2006 design was centered around Räikkönen's style with an emphasis on understeer that clashed with former McLaren team-mate Montoya. Now that the Finn has left the nest and two time Champion Alonso is flying in, de la Rosa tells of the changes to the car.

"They have designed mostly the front suspension with Fernando in mind," he said, especially mentioning that Alonso uses the brakes very hard.

It makes sense to me. Why hire what must be a very expensive driver and then stick him in a car that he's going to have to fight with at every corner?