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Almost a busman's holiday - Do you keep up with F1 when you're on your travels?

Published by Christine

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It seems as though quite a lot of the Sidepodcommunity are taking advantage of the summer break and heading away from home for their holidays. It doesn't always work out quite so well though, and a mis-timed break can mean watching a Grand Prix away from home. Sometimes this can be a blessing, as we've already heard from RG. He's jetting off, whilst the European GP takes place, and he said:

Last year they showed the qualifying and race at the poolside bar.

- RG

Jon also has a good memory from a few years back:

I think it was the Turkish GP, I was sitting at an open air bar, whilst 50 metres away from the Imola track. Pure bliss

- Jon Waldock

Bassano went big with his take on watching F1 from afar:

Brazil '06 from an Irish Bar in Hanoi. What a place that was!

- Bassano

This sounds good. I haven't watched a race from anywhere exotic. My house, my parent's house, or my in-law's, that's about as exciting as it gets. I once tuned in to radio commentary because we were traveling. The stories I could tell you.

Seriously though, especially as we have Sidepodcast now, I am usually found taking copious notes and, of course, podcasting throughout the weekend. Therefore, I would very much like to live vicariously through you.

Have you watched a race from anywhere exciting? Do you have stories of watching from your holidays? How do those you are holidaying with react to you needing a TV nearby? Or perhaps you have decided to record the race and watch it when you get back. How on earth do you manage to stay news-free?

If you've already mentioned a location previously, don't be afraid to repeat it here too.