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Allegiances // Disappointed in Alonso, finding favour in Kimi Räikkönen

Published by Christine

Kimi Räikkönen

I'm pretty fickle when it comes to supporting F1 drivers. I like Jenson because he's gorgeous, I dislike Fisichella because of that one off-hand (and probably lost in translation) comment about not letting his daughter race. I could go through the entire list of drivers and tell you whether I like them or not, and the reasons would be stupid. You never know, that might make an interesting post in the off-season.

Quite often, I change my mind as well (no comments about being a girl, eh?). Trulli is always one that changes from week to week. But over the last month or so, a bigger transition has been taking place.

Alonso is falling out of my favour. That would be Alonso that I have cheered on for the past three years, the Alonso who can beat Michael Schumacher and make F1 worth watching again.

Whilst I still applaud his driving style, the way he goes for it, never gives up, pushes and pushes and always pulls out the most stunning overtaking maneouvres, there's a lot detracting from that skill right now. The mind-games, the hot-headedness, and the feud with Hamilton. I would defend him as displaying emotion and at least not changing who he is from the track to the press conferences (that's a whole other post about Hamilton, right there.) But right now, when F1 is so bloody complicated anyway, with fines and hearings and penalties, Alonso is just adding to the mix.

So, here's the thing. I'm starting to like Räikkönen. It's refreshing to have a driver that doesn't complain, doesn't make a fuss about anything, just does his job and keeps quiet about it. I used to struggle to understand a word the guy said, and that made me wary of liking him. Either he's been taking English lessons, or I've been watching F1 long enough now, but when they interview him on TV, I'm catching five words out of six, rather than just one or two.

At the beginning of the season, I thought he was pretty dull, Kimi car-breaker, who cares? He always looks the same (except for the seriously red face at the end of a race), no emotions, seems pretty disinterested. I'm starting to side with him more and more, because he's not bothered, he's just keeping himself to himself and not getting involved in the petty arguments.

It's McLaren vs Ferrari, all the way, but it seems to me that the McLaren boys are the only ones making a show of themselves.