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All new race information at your fingertips - A small but significant addition to the site helps you stay on time

Published by Mr. C

There is nothing quite like working to a deadline to focus the mind, and with the start of the F1 season looming large, it is time to release more updates to the ever changing Sidepodcast homepage.

On the eve of the first free practice session of the year, we are adding a new race information panel to the upper section of the site.

Race information, session times and weather data, right where you need it
Race information, session times and weather data, right where you need it

By default, information is hidden from view with simply the name of the next Grand Prix shown. Selecting the name (or the chip located next to the name), will expand the hidden panel to reveal a subset of data typically found on the ever popular race information page.

For ease of access, the panel appears beneath the main navigation of every 'redesigned' page on the site (and once we finish scheduled updates, every page on the site). This new feature has been optimised for display on mobile devices and tablets, both in terms of layout and performance. Additionally, the 'r' key can also be used to toggle visibility for anyone browsing with a keyboard to hand.

Originally we had hoped to launch this much sooner, in fact it was hastily removed ahead of last year's homepage redesign, and we've been working hard to optimise the experience ever since. There is much more to come in terms of functionality, but an F1 season waits for no-one, so we are releasing what we have, right here, right now.

It has been a productive off-season in terms of site updates, but there's still quite a bit more to come. Watch this space as we continue to build a better Sidepodcast.