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Abu Dhabi 2012 - Rate the race // Tell us what you think of the uncharacteristically action-packed race

Published by Christine

With our expectations low going into the weekend, the post-qualifying exclusion hyped things up a lot. Anticipation for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was high, and there was action galore as the racing at Yas Marina delivered. It's not for me to say how well the race went, though, that is down to you as we ask you to rate the race.

Rate the Abu Dhabi GP

Rate the Abu Dhabi GP

37 votes

The sun set over Yas Marina, and what turned out to be an action filled race. With the Safety Car making more than one appearance, we watched Sebastian Vettel make his way through the field from last to the podium. The final few laps had a tense battle as Alonso chased Kimi, for what turned out to be the Finn's first win this year.

There were two significant factors that made up the action in the race, one was the double DRS zone that provided many overtaking opportunities, and the other was the number of accidents and crashes. The stewards were kept busy, but how well did they get on with their decisions?

How did the stewards do in Abu Dhabi?

33 votes

The stewards investigated a lot of incidents during the two hours of racing, but opted to look at a couple of them after the Grand Prix was over. Mark Webber was picked up for two separate incidents but no further action was taken on either of them. Also, Sergio Pérez was handed a stop and go penalty after a significant crash involving four drivers.

Did the two DRS zones make for a good race?

30 votes

We had two DRS zones in Abu Dhabi today, and saw plenty of overtaking moves. That's not something we can normally say about Yas Marina, but did the DRS work perfectly, or is there still some tweaking to be done? Did it make overtaking too easy? How much do you think it affected the race?

You can cast your votes anonymously, but if you feel like sharing how you have scored all the action in Abu Dhabi, do feel free to let us know in the comments.

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