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Abu Dhabi 2011 - Post race press conference - Hamilton, Alonso and Button share their views

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Questions to the top three drivers following the race on Sunday at Yas Marina.

Winner: Lewis Hamilton, McLaren

"It's my mum's birthday this weekend, it's great to be able to win while she's here. I feel fantastic, really think it was one of my best races. I said that to myself as I slowed down. Being able to hold one of the best drivers in the world off throughout the race is something that's very tough to do. Managing the tyres, looking after the gap. Obviously the team did a good job with the pit stops. I'm ecstatic, really happy to be back up here. This is great.

"I'm ecstatic, really very happy to be back up here. This is great, I can get on my flight tonight and smile."

"This is early days yet, but this is definitely the start of something really good. We've got another great race in front of us in Brazil. I've just got to keep my mind on the game."

2nd place: Fernando Alonso, Ferrari

"It was a fantastic race for me, with a very good start and then a good first lap fight with Jenson. We found ourselves second and we fight through the race with Lewis. In the last pitstop, we stayed two laps longer than the McLaren, we were close, I think. We had some traffic in the pit entry and I think we lost a little bit of ground. Extremely happy with second and enjoying this weekend."

3rd place: Jenson Button, McLaren

"I'm not sure my pace was entirely there on the soft tyre. I think it was about lap 13 or 14, I didn't have any KERS. I had to fend off Webber and Massa, which was quite interesting without KERS. In the next stint, they said what I could do to get it back. But it lasted about two laps at a time, then I had to keep resetting it. When you don't have KERS, you don't have any braking performance. Every time I arrived at a corner, I didn't know what I was going to get."

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