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About that iPinger - How we create the Sidepodpanel sounds during a live show

Published by Mr. C

The iPod Touch or iPinger

It's very rare that a new technology appears at exactly the time that you need it to, with exactly the right functionality for a perfectly acceptable price. But that is what happened to us recently when we discovered the iTouchMidi.


Not long after taking to the air with our first live edition of the Debrief (before it was actually even called that), a cool piece of software appeared on the iTunes App Store that allowed a user to trigger samples via a WiFi connection by means of an iPod Touch. This was ideal as it meant Christine could be left in charge of the various samples we use in the show, instead of them being controlled off camera.

Sadly, if you watch about three minutes into this instalment of the live show, you'll see the iTouchMidi make a rather brief début on the grounds that five seconds after it's introduction, it crashed.

The product was duly put to the back of our minds until the panel show idea came to fruition (an idea borne from the twisted mind of Mr. Roy, by the way), and the need for Christine to trigger samples came to the fore again. Luckily, by this time the software had moved on a couple of iterations and appeared to be more stable, thus we went live with the iPinger for the first time. I think it was stable for about an hour before everything died and Rich commented:

Really worried about what Me has been drinking to crash his Mac!

Yup, the pinger crashed the Mac.

In fact, since it's introduction the software has managed to crash not only the laptop but also the iPod itself maybe a dozen times in four shows. Despite a plethora of software updates and three separate purchases from the App Store, iTouchMidi have managed to create the most unstable piece of software I've ever encountered.

Okay, I shouldn't be mean to them, they clearly have an innovative product and it's not like anyone else is having a go. I'm also confident they didn't have a two hour F1 panel show in mind when they conceptualised it, but in future we'll be using a tethered keyboard and sticking to a more tried and tested solution.