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A voyage of F1 discovery - Introducing a virtual index of Sidepodcast stuff

Published by Mr. C

Sidepodcast's Encyclopaedia of F1

There are plenty of ways to find what you are looking for on this site, from the extensive archives where content is listed by category or author to the search box situated at the top of every page.

Today, with our very own F1 encyclopedia, we are introducing a whole new way to unearth information on Sidepodcast. It is now possible to start from a fixed point, for example your favourite driver, and bring up a page of resources listing each occasion where that person has been discussed on the site.

If you were to begin with Jenson Button's page, you'll find comprehensive lists of related posts, articles, audio and video as well as mentions on the live blog, plus rankings gains and losses. An incredible breadth of Sidepodcast material all summarised in a single location.

We have created individual pages for every single driver, team and circuit taking part in this year's championship, as well as many familiar names from seasons gone by. Feel free to jump right in and have a look around.

View the F1 encyclopedia now

Alongside the collection of links you'll also spot a brief summary of the subject in hand. These are partial excerpts from Christine's series of F1 books. If you like what you see, be sure to download your Guide to the 2013 Grand Prix season today.

In plain English

Indexing such a wealth of audio and video content has presented a particularly tricky challenge, thankfully we were able to lean on some of the incredible work that Christine and the Sidepodcast community put in transcribing hours of recordings into plain text.

We may be still the only F1 podcast going to the effort of transcribing content and we simply wouldn't have been able to filter and organise the information within to this degree without already having done that.

Keep in mind when browsing, there are a few limitations relating to multimedia content. Currently it's not possible to discover where in particular show a person, team or track was discussed or what was said. This can be problematic during an hour long show and it's something we're still working on refining further.

This project has been some 18 months in development and we are nowhere near finished with it yet. I would guess there could be another 2-3 years worth of improvements still to come, such are the quantity of enhancements we'd like to include in future.

Of note, it's currently not possible to see more than ten recent items in any list, something we'll be addressing as soon as we're able to invest in more hardware resources. Another area entirely missed with this debut is the more than half a million comments relating to Formula One that we haven't even begun to filter, tag and organise.

While these shortcomings (and more) are clear to see, we're confident this already rather brilliant collection of pages are useful enough to preview to the world today. We're already making good use of them and we'd love it if more people could do the same.