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A virtual lap of the Korean International Circuit - Red Bull provide an action-packed preview to the brand new circuit

Published by Mr. C

Red Bull Racing have released a stunning virtual animation of the Korean GP circuit, ahead of this weekends race in Mokpo, South Korea. In keeping with previous efforts from the team, the video offers amazing panoramic views of the track and surrounding areas, plus lap commentary from Sebastian Vettel.

Behind schedule work on location means the Grand Prix unfortunately won't look anywhere near as beautiful as that shown in the video. Additionally, thanks to the circuit layout, F1 cars are unlikely to ever see anything like that much wheel-to-wheel action. What the video does do however, is provide the perfect taster of what might be to come, should organisers finally throw enough money in the direction of Mokpo in the coming years.

This track preview continues the series of generated short films that began with the inaugural race in Singapore, and with every release they get better and better. Watch out for new details such as the heat haze at the beginning of the lap to see just how much effort has gone into putting this together. Presumably, it is again the wonderful people from AixSponza who have created this amazing virtual F1 world for us.

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